• Social responsability

We are proud to ensure equal opportunities in employment and career advancement for everyone, without labels.

Gestión reflexiva. Trabajo responsable

We see our commitment to social responsibility as based on three main pillars

  1. We promote actions to favour the work/life balance of our employees.
  2. We support social causes as an organisation and through volunteering by our employees, working alongside not-for-profit organisations in our immediate surroundings.
  3. We favour diversity: we support the integration into employment of disabled persons as a strategic goal of our group.

Proyectos unidos

We work with other firms and prestigious universities on this initiative organised by Fundación Adecco to support students with functional diversity in their efforts to find jobs via mentoring schemes in which our employees act as tutors. More information: http://www.proyectounidos.es


More initiatives

We take part every year in the International Day of Disabled Persons organised by Fundación Adecco, helping to launch a message of awareness of diversity and integration of disabled persons. In 2015 we took part in the #reacciona campaign by disseminating it through our in-house and social responsibility channels.

We also work with other associations that support us in the hiring of persons with functional diversity: Rafaela María, Fundación ONCE, Federación de Asociaciones de Personas con Discapacidad Física y Orgánica, Asociación del Grupo Telefónica para la atención de las personas con discapacidad, etc