• Skill areas

Cross-sectoral skills for dealing with personal requirements

We are organised in a number of companies and teams capable of working together to create distinctive solutions

Global logistics solutions

We design and implement global solutions with local knowledge: Logistics, port services, customs, etc.

Steel & Trading

We work with steel products and distribute highly specialised products for industry.

Smart data

BigData. Business Intelligence. Analytics. Semantics. Ask yourself what data can do for your business.

Import & Export

Customs handling, AEO, integrated logistics, tracking, local solutions for global customers.



IoT, BigData, IT Infrastructures, etc. for redesigning & optimising new forms of mobility for people and goods.


We turn unstructured textual information into information of value for the justice, legal, financial...


Flexible training for modern organisations: e-learning platforms.

Forward Thinking

We look to the future to pre-empt threats and provide the market’s best solutions for the transfer of risk.