The logistics of the future YES is a women’s thing

The logistics of the future YES is a women’s thing

March 2022

The creation of new jobs related to new technologies facilitates the inclusion of women in the sector

DIARIO DEL PUERTO dedicates today, March 8, a special to the role of women in logistics.

"Logistics is, traditionally, a sector led by men, in which women represent very low percentages. From Diario del Puerto the sector has been asked about this gender imbalance, before which it has been deduced that it will be the new jobs that will make room for women within the logistics sector, which means that traditionally male positions will follow being still for a while, while the newly created ones will be occupied by men or women indistinctly, only taking into account the qualifications of the candidates."

The article has collected the opinions of women from different logistics companies such as the Port of Barcelona, Nova Systems, IAS Handling, UTA, Newe, Ontruck, Prologis, XPO, Captrain, APM terminals, in addition to our companies Erhardt and Ertransit.


The provision of logistics services, in order to guarantee the tension of the supply chain and with the focus on the customer, makes companies like Ertransit look for professionals oriented to change and, in addition, "with a high digital qualification, environmental sensitivity and focused on providing solutions to customers", Maite Miguez, manager of the Ertransit People department, details in an interview with Diario del Puerto.

With a logistics profile of the future yet to be discovered in a complex sector that is constantly evolving and changing, companies bet on people who are characterized by their open mindset and ability to work as a team, without forgetting the importance of languages in a sector with a clear international projection, to which is added the ability to analyze and manage data.


Maite emphasizes that the digital revolution is based on knowledge, "a factor that she does not distinguish between genders." However, the new jobs and roles that are progressively being created in logistics companies, organizations or institutions present a panorama that "favors the incorporation of women in all areas of the company, both in the commercial, operational, storage, technological developments, data analysis, security, the environment, etc.", details Miguez. Likewise, the director of the Ertransit People department recalls that technology has become a "fundamental lever both to facilitate conciliation and for women’s access to certain areas".


The article takes the pulse of the reality of the new profiles that are helping to transform the logistics industry. Among them, Diario del Puerto interviews two people from our organization: Maitane Domínguez Responsible for the Environment, Erhardt and Marta Florian Director of Digital Transformation, Ertransit.

Maitane Domínguez details her professional profile and what her role is in the decarbonisation of logistics at Erhardt "I promote, organize and develop the Erhardt Environmental Management System. We think we can help decarbonize logistics, and we are working on it. Beyond having adequate preparation, I know the company and its objectives in depth. I consider myself an environmental promoter at work and outside of it. It takes drive, insight, analytics, passion and a strong determination that a greener world is within our grasp."

Marta Florián, Manager of Digital Transformation at Ertransit comments that "I am in charge of detecting and analyzing the technological needs of the company, providing visibility and predictability to the logistics chain. I have a solid and constant evolution in the company and with knowledge of the different aspects of the chain. For this, it is necessary to know the business and the company, feel free to contribute ideas, have an open mind and a tremendous desire to carry out a true digital transformation".