• Innovation

Determined to innovate

We work ceaselessly to maintain the entrepreneurial spirit with which the company was founded in 1882. We are committed to innovation : questioning traditional beliefs, generating new ideas, offering new approaches and taking risks prudently to find creative solutions to the needs of our stakeholders.

At Erhardt we believe that innovation is a synonym for survival. That is why we have made it one of the keys on our path towards the future: committing to innovation is the only way in which we can possibly develop, adapt, remain competitive and survive over time.


With universities and research centres

  1. We arrange work experience for future specialists at our companies.
  2. We take part in domestic and international innovation projects alongside universities and technology centres.


We systematically promote innovation

  1. Through the development of over 30 projects in recent years.
  2. With a standing innovation team.
  3. With our Erhardt Schools as a forum for innovation among our specialists.