Data provides innovative solutions that meet real needs

Data provides innovative solutions that meet real needs

June 19, 2019

We live in a digital society where organisations are subject to a new model of relationship with citizens and customers in which technology takes on a degree of importance never before seen.

Serikat, a member of the Erhardt Group, believes in helping organisations to deploy practical approaches to innovation, accelerating their businesses from a technological perspective”.

Merging the physical and the digital

The physical and digital worlds are converging unstoppably and Serikat is drawing up new proposals for value in different areas.

The company has launched an innovative cyber-risk management product that incorporates the transfer of risk inherent in the insurance sector into cyber-security products. To that end, it has set up a joint venture with MatErh Risk Management, a company specialising in risk management and insurance.

Another segment in which Serikat is working is that of advanced analytics involving the extraction and analysis of then information available in production processes. In the words of a company statement, “when properly interpreted, data provide innovative solutions for the design of products and services that meet real needs”.

Various options are offered, depending on functional and technical complexity. They range from analytics as a service to the implementation of tailor-made solutions backed up by conventional technologies and big data environments.

The company is developing its semantic technology towards robotic process automation (RPA), which enables software robots to carry out repetitive, low value-added activities, for smoother, cheaper production.

Applications of this technology can be found in justice administration, where Serikat is a global benchmark, and in new legal requirements concerning the anonymising of information so as to meet current personal data protection regulations.

The digital supply chain

The unstoppable convergence of the physical and digital worlds has reached the logistics industry, a highly conventional sector that now needs a parallel digital supply chain in which all participants understand each other from end to end: suppliers, loaders, carriers, ports, customs, banks, etc.

Digitisation is changing the outlook and supply chains play an important role in the success of loaders, who need to have supply chains which are smooth, flexible and connected. The market is calling for more predictable delivery times, easier, more transparent processes, shorter working times and fewer unnecessary or inappropriate administrative procedures.

Serikat is working to develop a new digital supply chain concept in cooperation with the logistics companies of Erhardt, its parent company, in a highly innovative exercise that seeks to respond to the new needs of the business. This means introducing technology into processes, data analytics, Blockchain and the use of the IoT, so that it is possible to work proactively, minimising stoppages and offering safe, automated traceability solutions.

Innovation is a culture

Innovation does not mean just technology. First and foremost, innovation is an organisational culture, a way of thinking and of doing things that uses technology to help organisations to develop, to meet real needs and to improve the experience of people.

Innovation calls for a long-term, holistic approach focused exclusively on making improvements in specific aspects such as sales or productivity that can generate profits in the short term while new challenges have yet to be solved.

Erhardt is working tirelessly to carry on the entrepreneurial spirit in which the company was founded in 1882; “a company where innovation is a synonym for permanence, for sustainability, the only possible way of developing, adapting, being competitive and surviving over time”.