• Chartering

Independent specialists in the worldwide dry cargo chartering market.

Erhardt has a long track record as a specialist in all types of dry cargo charter parties worldwide. We can handle charter parties on a voyage or time period basis, as required in each case.

Chartering is one of the business areas with the longest traditions at Erhardt. Our many years of experience mean that we have a wide range of shipowners to choose from at all times so as to ensure the most competitive charters and vessels for full and partial cargoes, including special projects and heavy cargoes.


We are specialists

  • Charter party management. We handle all types of voyage and time-period based charter party.
  • Triangular shipments. Triangular trading with points of origin and destination anywhere in the world.
  • Expertise in charter parties. Expert knowledge of all types of charter party.
  • Dry cargo.
    • Bulk cargo. Broad experience in managing CoAs. Advise during negotiations and subsequent monitoring during shipping. Sealing of all types of dry cargo (scrap, fertiliser, steel products, coal, cement, etc.) in maritime markets all over the world.
    • Wind turbines. Considerable expertise in the sector and its goods. Triangular shipments
    • Projects. Top-level shipowners with latest-generation fleets fitted out with equipment for loading and unloading goods of all types. A broad network of agents that enables us to meet the specifications of each shipment. Active involvement in each phase of shipping, in line with the requirements of the charterer.


Erhardt offers

  • Direct contact with shipowners. We have a broad portfolio of shipowners to ensure the most competitive charters and vessels at all times.
  • Adapting to the particular requirements and needs of each shipment. Our ability to respond reliably and proportionately in line with the needs and requirements of each shipment is backed up by a broad network of shipowners.
  • Erhardt's staff have a long track record as specialists in all types of dry cargo charter parties worldwide.