Erhardt Proyectos updates the brand and is now Erhardt Projects

Erhardt Proyectos updates the brand and is now Erhardt Projects

April 2022

Erhardt Proyectos has changed its name to Erhardt Projects, a development driven by the company’s ongoing transformation to better reflect its new reality as an integrated global logistics service company focused on connecting and streamlining its customers’ supply chain.


Over the last three years, the company has strived to introduce best practices in the project cargo sector. It has brought the best processionals on board, entered into contracts and long-term relationships with international customers and suppliers, and digitised its operations.

The company has accessed a type of customer with global needs, increased its business volume and shifted to primarily operating in an international market. It has managed to assemble a team of professionals that combines in-depth business knowledge with expertise in data management and transport engineering, where an engineering mentality is combined with the drive to be at the cutting edge of the project.

The company has undertaken its digital transformation and is also launching NETERH, a digital platform that enables organisations to effectively integrate their logistics data, decisions and operations.

Igor Muñiz, the company’s General Director, commented that "in recent years logistics has become a major strategic factor for companies and they are now showing a renewed interest in their supply chain. Reliability, transparency of operations, flexibility and responsiveness are now key to their competitiveness".

"As logistics chains become more complex," Muñiz added, "and are affected by risks of all types, there is a growing need to approach projects with a single vision, integrating physical and digital logistics services, compliance, risk management and environmental impact mitigation.

Muñiz explained that "our brand is Erhardt, our hallmark, that is recognised and recognisable throughout our history. We updated the surname to Projects to make it more accessible to our increasingly international customer base. We thus want to align the brand to our new reality, of that of global company ready to be where the project is and prepared to generate a positive impact on our customers’ performance".