Connecting people, ideas and businesses since 1882

Connecting people, ideas and businesses since 1882

July 15, 2020

ERHARDT signs up to the BIND 4.0 acceleration programme

Climate change, demographic changes, technological revolution, globalisation. They are global trends that offer new and large challenges. Our vision paves the way and inspire us: we want to connect people, ideas and businesses.

Now that our organisation is part the BIND 4.0 Programme, we intend to continue developing a collective intelligence, open innovation model with the customer at the very centre and where our teams cooperate with people, organisations and external initiatives.

BIND 4.0 is an open innovation platform in a public-private initiative format led by SPRI (the entity of the Basque Government’s Ministry of Economic Development and Infrastructures tasked with driving Basque industry), whose mission is to put new technological companies in contact with the leading industrial players of the Basque Country.

There are currently over 50 Basque companies on the Programme. This year, along with ERHARDT, the other new companies on the programme include Enagás, GH Cranes&Components, Ingeteam, Tubos reunidos and Vidrala.


Technology and innovation are fundamental to achieve our goals. We are looking for young companies with technologies to help improve our position on the market. In turn, we speed up the development, by providing them with technical guidance and encouraging them to become our suppliers.

We believe that the innovation, creativity and agility of the emerging companies can help to drive the transformation that we are undertaking in our organisation and which is based on the following pillars:

Digitalisation of key operations.

By automating processes, introducing data analytics, increasing operational visibility and improving the customer experience by means of the traceability of the operations, a 24/7 service, and personalised interactions tailored to each necessity.

Developing a digital and agile culture

Based on attracting digital talent and on embracing an agility culture that provides anticipation and rapid response for the customer. The company drives the creativity, commitment and the action of its teams, the most powerful source to obtain sustainable competitive advantages.

Hybridization. New business models and integration of our activities.

We are currently witnessing a “hybridisation” of activities. The traditional limits inherent to each activity are blurring and they will end up disappearing.

ERHARDT considers those changes to be opportunities to shape our future. We operate in four business sectors: Logistics&Maritime Services, Steel&Trading, Technology and Insurance&Risk Management. Our aim is to integrate the skills of our teams and lead the way to new and more daring solutions.